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    Lip Rejuvenate

    Lip Rejuvenate

    Advanced 3d Lip enhancement

    Lip enhancement has come along, long way. Gone is the fake inflated "trout pout". We are now introducing an advanced 3D Lip enhancement procedure which promises to rejuvenate lips, restore lip volume and smoothness, giving the most natural, subtle result.

    BT Lip Rejuvenate

    1.    A highly personalised procedure taking into account age, individual facial anatomy and personal needs.
    2.    The most advanced techniques for the most natural. beautiful result. .

    Lips, like the rest of our body, go through changes as we age. The upper lip loses volume, the philtrum (cupid's bow) flattens and the lip surface wrinkles and thins. The angle of our mouth also starts to turn down and appears sad. Laugh lines start to deepen and the lower face may begin to jowl. The lower lip maintains its shape better but loses the desired proportion to the upper lip.

    'For a natural looking, proportional and beautiful lip it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the lip and the changes that occur over time..'

    Dr  Tepavcevic  work in harmony with the lips natural anatomy to avoid any unnatural looks, so there won't be a 'trout pout' in sight.

    Around the mouth enhancement

    Areas Treated
    •    Nose-to-mouth lines
    •    Lines above lips
    •    Mouth corners
    •    Downturned mouth
    •    "Gummy" smile
    •    Lips (see above)
    •    Teeth


    Restylane, Perlane and Restylane Lip  consists of natural substances (hyaluronic acid) found normally in the skin. The clear soft gel is injected at a precise depth to soften and fill lines providing instant rejuvenation that lasts 12-18  months, sometimes longer