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    Advanced Facial Contouring

    Advanced Facial Contouring

    With modern minimally invasive techniques and products, Dr Brankica expertly enhances the shape of the face.  The ideal oval or heart-shaped face is achieved using advanced injectable treatments and soft natural fillers to build volume in the mid and lower face.

    Rectangular-shaped face 
    A rectangular-shaped face is common and due to normal aging where volume decreases in the midface (front of the cheeks) and increases around the jowls and jaw line.  Facial contouring to restore the beauty triangle is achieved by plumping the cheeks naturally with soft gel filler such as Restylane  and lifting the jowls using a minimally invasive  lift under local anaesthesia.  Results are instant and dramatically rejuvenating.

    Narrow lower face, creases over cheeks
    With volume loss over the lower and mid  face, some people develop creases over the cheeks where the skin sits on the muscle, and the chin appears pointy.  Laying down a blanket of hyaluronic acid filler (Restylane) under the skin in the lower face improves facial proportions and erases lines.  The filler is expertly placed to create a seamless transition between the lower face and midface, ensuring a beautiful natural-looking result.

    Lower face fat with no jaw line
    Creating a sharp, beautiful jaw line, reducing jowl fat, and defining the neck .  Traditional liposuction does little to tighten