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    Wrinkles – Fat grafting

    Wrinkles – Fat grafting

    Wrinkles are grooves on the skin of your face, which occur under the influence of changing structures in the skin itself (loss of collagen, elastin and dehidration), often and pronounced mimicking, aswell as loss of subdermal fatty tissue in certain regions of the face. They give the face an older, more tiresome look, and often are a source of discontent.

    There are many ways of reducing and removing wrinkles. Based on the region on which the wrinkle is located, the depth of the wrinkle and the state of the surrounding skin, Your doctor will suggest the most appropriate method.

    Wrinkles can be treated by fat grafting, fillerslasersbotox, surgery and many other ways.

    Fat grafting is a procedure in which Your own fatty tissue is grafted and transferred from one place (abdomen) to another (wrinkles). The procedure entails harvesting fatty tissue by liposuction (usually from the abdomen), filtering and preparing the fat cells and eventually injecting the fatty tissue in the wrinkle. About 40% more fat than appears necessary has to be injected, because at the end, not all of the fat ’takes’, one part is always resorbed, effectively disappearing