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    Ear surgery

    Ear surgery

    Esthetic surgery of the ears, in most cases, deals with solving the issue of prominent or protruding ears, by bringing the ears closer to your head.

    Estheticaly speaking, ears can be corrected size and position-wise, or they can be completely remodeled in cases of congenital deformities or severe trauma. The skin gets separated from the cartilage on the back of the ear, then the cartilage gets remodeled so it mimics the correct anatomy of the ear. Afterwards, the cartilage gets fixated nearer to the head. Finally, excess skin is removed and sutures are placed.

    Fixing prominent ears (with cartilage remodeling) is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure, it doesn’t have to be repeated, it’s permanent.

    In cases without cartilage remodeling, prominence may come back to some extent.

    Results are visible immediately after removing the bandages