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    Scarless  face lifting

    Scarless face lifting

    These minimally invasive lifting  procedures lift the jowls, cheeks, brow, and neck under local anaesthesia, providing a more youthful look instantly.  This procedure is very different from classic facelifting  surgery  . In this procedure  moveable tissue such as SMAS--the thin layer that envelopes the muscle--is secured to stable structures providing instant results. BT clinic  was the first clinic in Serbia to use this new  lifting  technique.  Wnith this technique  increases definition of the jawline, raises the outer corners of the eyes, and lifts mild sagging of the neck, improving overall facial proportions and definition.  This results in a more youthful and pleasing appearance.  The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia.  

    Typically, results look very natural, so rather than looking 'different', you simply look 'great'.  

    The minimal invasive procedure  means there is very little downtime and a quick recovery period, usually a couple of days.  We offer a variety of options and techniques to suit your needs.